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"We Help Adults 40+ Living With Pain, Stiffness, Or Loose Joints Get Healthy, Age Stronger, And Get Back To The Activities They Love, Even If Past Treatments Have Failed"

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At Healthy Consumer Physical Therapy:

“I am so thankful for his professional skill and his caring, considerate approach. He listens carefully to the issues I describe, explains his diagnosis and provides a range of treatments to suit the situation.“
Carol S.

Who We Help:

Adults With Chronic Pain

Who are experiencing long-lasting pain and want to AVOID the use of drugs, injections or surgery.

Post-Surgery Adults

Who want the best outcome possible from their back, hip, knee, or shoulder surgery so they can get back to doing the activities that they love.

Active Adults

Who just need a little help (or a lot of help!) returning to physical activity after an injury or set-back.

Busy Grandparents

Who want to keep walking with friends, playing golf, or getting on the floor with grandchildren without relying on painkillers and surgeries.

Energetic Retirees

Who want to make full use of their free time by continuing to travel and experience new adventures.

We Offer A Hands-On Approach To Your Wellness
Using Our Healthy Consumer 3-Step Method:

Savoy 3Step


Putting Out The Fire

We believe that treatment for your problem areas should rarely be painful or uncomfortable.

This is why our first step, before we do anything, is to listen to your story and complete a one-on-one evaluation. That way we get a deep understanding of what’s going on; not just with your body, but also how it’s impacting your life.

We’ll sit down together and prioritize where we can make IMMEDIATE changes to reduce pain or discomfort. After your one-on-one evaluation, we’ll use gentle methods that help soothe your aching joints or muscles.


We Find The Root Cause Of The Pain

Every person’s cause of pain and stiffness is different. No one has the exact same problem caused by the exact same thing.

Now that you’ve gotten some relief, we can work together to address underlying problems that are keeping you from the activities you love. This is when we’ll begin to slowly transition into pain-free treatments like strengthening and flexibility.

Our goal at Healthy Consumer PT is to find the original cause of your pain, so not only does your pain and stiffness go away, it STAYS AWAY!


Thrive Instead Of Survive

This stage is all about “bullet-proofing” your body. By now you will be feeling healthier and stronger than you have in a long time, so we shift our focus to preventing your pain from returning.

We’ll help you build healthy habits and lifestyle changes so you can live your best life. Patients at this stage find they are often free to focus on their family, friends, and the things they love doing most.

It may be hard to imagine this is even possible given what you’re going through right now, but we’ve helped many people just like you get healthy again without painkillers, injections, or surgery!

“While waiting for surgery, he has helped me with better range of motion and less pain. He has also prepared me through strengthening and flexibility for a faster healing after the surgery.“
Mark C.

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