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Three signs you may need treatment for a rotator cuff tear

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Are sleepless nights or reaching overhead making you wonder if you need treatment for a rotator cuff tear?

Are you frustrated turning in bed all night due to an achy shoulder? Do your feel “unstable” in your shoulder or notice significant weakness when lifting overhead and reaching for things? 

Are you finding that taking care of chores around the house has become more challenging, and you’re tired of relying more and more on pain medication to get those “normal” tasks done?  Those interrupted, uncomfortable, and sleepless nights are a painful nuisance. Here are three signs you may need treatment for a rotator cuff tear:

The Rotator Cuff helps keep your shoulder secure and stable when you reach up or push down through your arm. If there is a tear or strain in these muscles, you may need treatment for a rotator cuff tear to recover fully. 

Putting off getting help may mean permanent tissue damage and weakness. If left untreated, rotator cuff tears can cause severe pain and decrease movement and the ability to use the arm. Treatment with an expert physical therapist near you can help.


Three signs you may need treatment for a rotator cuff tear​

1. Pain at night that causes difficulty sleeping on the injured side. Patients often report deep aching pain that wakes them repeatedly or plagues them when they wake in the morning. 

2. Limited ability to raise the arm above the horizon or overhead. This is a sign that the rotator cuff muscles are not doing their job to keep your shoulder stable and may feel weak or wobbly when lifting things. 

3. Hurts to reach into the back seat of the car, scratch your back, or throw. This is an indication that the rotator cuff muscles may be torn and/or inflamed.

If you can relate to any of the above three symptoms, you may need treatment for a rotator cuff tear. Rotator cuff tears often require an expert Physical Therapist to get you active and back to focusing on the things you love. Instead of tossing and turning all night or feeling limited by your inability to reach overhead and move your arm without pain, it’s a good idea to get more information and treatment.

"Do rotator cuff tears always need surgery or can I find more conservative treatment for a rotator cuff tear?"

Good news- many rotator cuff tears do not require surgery. If some fibers of your rotator cuff muscles are still attached to the bone, you may be able to forgo surgery and recover quickly with expert physical therapy treatment. Promisingly, physical therapy has a 75% success rate for treating rotator cuff tears. 

We’ll be able to tell with a quick assessment of your shoulder whether or not Physical Thearpy is worth your time. You may be wondering, “where can I find the best physical therapy near me to treat this problem?” Well, this is something we see and treat successfully all the time. Click one of the orange buttons on this page to get started.

Whether your passion is gardening, golf, or perhaps you just need to get on with spring cleaning- we can help.

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