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Catherine D.

“At age 75, I developed lower back and hip problems. I experienced a variety of symptoms, including limited hip rotation, pain climbing stairs, pain when I sat, pain when I stood up after sitting, and pain when side-sleeping. For well over a year I saw a number of doctors and physical therapists who provided only limited or temporary relief. Then I learned about Chris Sovey. After his thorough evaluation (lasting more than one and a half hours), Chris recommended strengthening and stretching exercises that quickly led to relief and then to my full recovery. In just three months I was pain free.

Unlike previous providers, Chris designed an exercise regimen that zeroed in on my particular muscle weaknesses. His 50-minute sessions (and frequently longer) provided enough time for me to learn exactly how to do the exercises to get the most benefit from them. And he easily adapted or suggested a substitute when an exercise was too difficult or painful for me.

Chris brings commitment and creativity to helping his clients become pain-free. Because he is also a registered nurse, he brings a wealth of medical knowledge to each session. For example, during my evaluation, he identified a neurological problem with my feet, which two podiatrists missed, and suggested I report it to my internist. His dedication to his clients and his broad knowledge have proved invaluable to me. I am continuing to work with him on some neck/shoulder issues and have made marked improvement.”

Susan H.
“To prospective clients of HCPT: Once a week I have physical therapy with Chris Sovey at HCPT. I have back and neck issues and problems with balance. Initially, Chris took a history and asked me many questions, then designed a workout that addressed my needs specifically. As I progress, the work changes and becomes more challenging, which I enjoy. Chris is very creative and I am never bored. My progress has been substantial. I recommend Chris Sovey as a physical therapist without hesitation.”
Noor H.
“I have been working with Chris for several years and he has helped me tremendously with hyper mobility issues. Chris is always kind and professional and he does an excellent job creating a personalized program that targets specific problems. I would highly recommend Health Consumer PT to all my friends and family!”
Robert S.
“I have been a patient at Healthy Consumer Physical Therapy for some time and have found Dr. Chris Sovey to be the consummate professional. His personal manner and expertise has helped me overcome many obstacles in my recovery. We constantly work together to achieve a sustainable result. I would not hesitate to recommend him to any of my friends and family.”
Stephen Y.
“I’ve been working with Chris for many years to resolve my various physical issues, including post-op rehab from a hip replacement. In my book, there’s no one better! He has proven to be an invaluable asset to my specific physical therapy needs, and will continue to be of great benefit to my overall health and well-being. I appreciate the fact that sessions with Chris are always one-on-one. He doesn’t divide his attention between several clients at once, but always remains focused on you and your particular goals. He provides exercise plans customized for both your needs and capabilities. Enthusiastic, energentic and considerate, his ability to communicate effectively -verbally, in writing and in custom videos he’ll make for you use at home -is exemplary. I heartily recommend Chris Sovey, with no reservations, to anyone who is seeking an effective, intelligent resource for physical therapy.”
Cheryl B.
“I’m very thankful I found Chris. I have had chronic pain since 2012. Chris is the only PT that has given me relief. I highly recommend Chris. One on one care with no passing you off to an assistant. He explains everything in detail and you will have have all of the tools you need to remain healthy. He is the best!”
Karen F.
“Chris carefully evaluated my dysfunction. Then started me on a program of activities to address it. The activities were gradually intensified as my strength grew. I’m thankful to receive such expert care leading to my recovery.”
Holli P.
“I highly recommend Dr. Chris Sovey for any physical therapy need. He treated me for hip pain that I had been dealing with for several months. After a thorough examination and assessment, he discovered the root of my issue (functional leg length discrepancy) and put together a personalized plan to resolve my issues and get me back to my busy lifestyle, pain-free. He worked with me one-on-one and gave me his full attention at every session, which I appreciated after having a different experience at other physical therapy places. I am truly grateful that not only did he give me an easy to follow plan while I was receiving treatment, he put together exercises that I could do (specially tailored to my running hobby) throughout my life to prevent future injuries and to prevent my hip pain from coming back. Thank you Chris!”
Karen B.
“Dr. Chris Sovey was a welcome surprise to me and I recommend him highly!. I have grown skeptical of PT providers who often have not been helpful – I have been handed off to assistants and no one gets to know me or my body challenges very well. Chris is different – he knows anterior hip replacement well and its precautions and what type of rehab it requires. He met with me usually 1/week which was very manageable. He gave me clear direction on what to do between sessions, complete with video to remind me of how to do each exercise. He was accessible. He was kind and upbeat and helped me to not overdo. I saw great progress. Now, I don’t just walk without pain (thank you surgeon), but I walk with good, balanced form, and that is what I need for the miles I want to go. Our last session is very soon- a special lesson tailored for me on how to be with grandchildren on the floor. That is much appreciated individualization of the program!”
Patricia M.
“I went to Chris with weakness on my hip/leg from a surgery over 20 years ago. He was EXTREMELY helpful with helping me understand the issue and the steps to take to help improve it. He is very responsive and provided me with weekly emails that clearly detailed the weekly exercises. I highly highly recommend Chris!!!!”
John K.

“I highly recommend the physical therapy services provided by Chris Sovey. Chris has treated me for my severe back and shoulder pain. I am now virtually pain free and am starting to return to my prior level of functioning. Chris was consistently patient, optimistic and encouraging. He also provided me with videos of the prescribed exercises to ensure that I was performing them correctly. I would certainly recommend his services to my friends and family.”

Julie T.
“Chris Sovey helped me heal my hip. In 2016, I had a labral tear repaired in my hip and was told I could expect 50-70% improvement. I worked with Chris for physical therapy and achieved around 90% improvement with our work. When that healing wore out in 2020, I needed a total hip replacement, so I returned to Chris for physical therapy. He focuses on the whole system; the small muscle groups that effect gait and balance and the overall structure of my musculoskeletal system. With his guidance and individualized approach, I feel back to 100%. I highly recommend Chris Sovey as a partner in healing for those motivated and committed to achieving their optimal health.”
Terence W.
“I was very pleased with my visits to this office. I appreciated the very customized planning that Chris was able to provide to me throughout the duration of my therapy. I was given workouts and provided with how-to videos for all of the exercises that I was to continue at home. Over the duration of my visits I was able to see considerable improvement to get me back to where I once was prior to my injury. Would absolutely recommend, just from the great personalized experience.”
Maria L.
“I have seen Chris for many years. He helped me recover from a hip surgery a couple of years ago, and I continue seeing him regularly to gain strength, flexibility and to learn how to move better. My surgery was a success in part thanks to him. Chris is knowledgable, and an excellent listener. He will adapt and create movements according to your needs. He will work with you to achieve what you want to do. I fully recommend him.”
Thuy S.
“I was looking for a doctor that would help me heal naturally. Honestly, I didn’t know what that was going to look like. I had experienced a chiropractor before and knew I did not want that again. I had been having pain in the left side of my neck for years and basically have just been living with it. My husband was getting treatment from Dr. Sovey at the time and was raving about him saying that he is such a caring person. He is intelligent and educational when treating his patients. The educational part got me. So I thought to give it a conversation with the doctor. I was impressed! So smart indeed, professional and asked all the right questions for his understanding. Very good listener. Dr. Sovey have a very serene spirit. What I love it that my treatment was in fact educational. I understood why I was given a treatment. I had a better understanding of how the body works and how to strengthen the areas of trouble to help the healing. Dr. Sovey’s goal was to teach me, pack me with the tools I needs to help myself even after my treatment is over with him. I didn’t want to depend on a doctor or medications forever. He was able to give me that option. My neck is in a much better place these days and so is my lower back when I tweaked it towards the end of my treatment. He gave me some exercises to do for it at home. Dr. Sovey is personable. His facility is well kept and clean. I enjoy seeing Candy, his dog as well.”
Carol S.
“I’ve been a client of Dr. Sovey’s for about two and a half years, and am so thankful for his professional skill and his caring, considerate approach. He listens carefully to the issues I describe, explains his diagnosis and provides a range of treatments to suit the situation. He’s referred me to other appropriate providers who may be able to deal more effectively with a particular concern. He’s been flexible during this pandemic, offering telemed visits to keep me on track. His sense of humor is also conducive to healing what ails me. Keep up the good work!”
Mark C.
“Chris Sovey Is a truly extraordinary medical professional. I am approaching a right hip replacement. While waiting for surgery, he has helped me with better range of motion and less pain. He has also prepared me through strengthening and flexibility for a faster healing after the surgery. His knowledge and approach is impressive. I have been through several physical therapist over the last 10 years. Chris is by far and above the best I’ve ever worked with. He provides very clear instructions. Provides a video demonstration follow up to each session to make sure each exercise is done correctly. I strongly endorse him.”
Maria M.
“I feel I have gotten great benefit from working with Dr. Chris Sovey. About a month into the pandemic, I could hardly walk. Both my feet developed different problems, and my groin was very painful. Patiently, Dr. Sovey got me working on solving the problems with strength training rather than taking pain meds which would not have fixed the problem. It worked so well that I am now continuing to work with Dr. Sovey on my more chronic problems.”
Anne E.
“Chris is very knowledgeable and he took the time to come up with a plan that was specific to my needs. He also took the time to explain why. I really appreciate that, because understanding why I’m doing something and how it’s going to help, motivates me to stick with it. His follow-up emails were very thorough, so I knew exactly what to do between visits. I am very pleased with the results from my therapy, and would highly recommend Chris!”
Sarah T.
“I am inheriting some nasty hip/joint tendencies, and Dr. Chris Sovey of Healthy Consumer has been very direct and helpful with diagnoses, suggested routines, and evolution of those routines. Chris recognizes and describes my conditions in ways I can easily understand, and this helps immensely as I try to get to know my own body, its weaknesses and strengths. He’s knowledgeable and has been very attentive throughout this whole process, and also very efficient and proactive in everyday operations. Would highly recommend Healthy Consumer for a personalized and well-rounded physical therapy experience.”
Jo M.
“Related to being very active, I’ve worked with Chris for several PT ailments over the years & always found Chris to be kind, patient, & adaptable. He’s got a great handle on the bigger picture of a particular pain or dysfunction & both works & recommends regimens that work long term. Definite out-of-the-box thinker.”
Taralee M.
“Dr Sovey at Healthy Consumer Is fantastic! A one in a million therapist. Coming here was by far the best decision I made for my recovery and for my continued health. I had a pinched nerve in my back which affected the lack of movement and control in one of my legs. After 4 days of continuous pain a cortisone shot, steroids, and muscle relaxers. I thought I was recovering at least a little, then my leg gave out on me. My doctor said I needed physical therapy. I was skeptical about going to just any physical therapist. I wanted specialized help with my situation. Dr Sovey was able to pinpoint the problem on the first visit and relieve me of the pain I had been living with for weeks on the first visit. He worked on my muscles, taught me movements to help in the healing process, and then taught me how to work and strengthen every muscle in my body to keep me young as I age. Dr Sovey also provided me with equipment and sent me weekly videos as well as a weekly work out plan. Thank you Dr Sovey you are a blessing!”
“I have been a consumer of physical therapy for most of my life (30 years). I have worked with many physical therapists in both large office settings and smaller providers. Healthy Consumer Physical Therapy (Dr. Chris Sovey) is the gold standard for care. Chris is focused on talking with you and finding out what your challenges are and putting together a treatment plan that focuses on improving all of you, not just the part that hurts right now. While he does focus on your immediate need, he also works to help you implement healthy habits to keep you healthy and moving well. What also sets Chris apart from the other providers is that he is personally invested in helping you improve your health. When you walk out the door Chris is still working to help you. He is always researching things and thinking how he can improve your treatment plan. He will celebrate your victories with you and put perspective on setbacks. Something unique to working with Chris is that he is willing to go with you to Doctors appointments. I have NEVER met another PT who will do that. It always helps to have another set of ears with you when going to a Doctors appointment. Also, he can help translate what you are feeling/experiencing into statements that resonate with your Doctor and also help translating what the Doctor tells you. If my review of Healthy Consumer Physical Therapy has not sold you on them, let me share this one last thing with you. I drive 2.5 hours round trip to work with Chris.”
Karen O.
“The intake appointment was thorough and provided a lot of information. I really like that we worked as a team to resolve motion issues. I felt that the exercises assigned were making me responsible for improvement, not just something done to me 2 or 3 times a week. I was given the tools for continuous improvement and with ocassional followup, will have lasting results. I highly recommend Chris for PT.”
Tony S.
“There is a reason why Chris has all 5 star reviews. He is simply amazing at what he does for a living. I’ve dealt with a ton of neck and back pain for years. Within 5 weeks of seeing him, he has helped me work out the pain as well as given me the proper tools to keep my back healthy. Super cool atmosphere, chill music, and even his awesome dog hanging at his studio space. Another bonus, he let my 8 year old son hang out while I get therapy done. Really an awesome guy with a professional business. I will always recommend Chris for PT.”
Jake C.
“After nearly a decade of submission grappling finally caught up to me, Dr. Chris Sovey was able to set me straight. Dr. Chris is highly attentive, extremely knowledgeable, and clearly cares. Not only does he have a highly sophisticated understanding of how the human body works, he is able to explain it all in a way that makes sense. Additionally, I really like how he will provide videos of his prescribed exercises for at home reference, tailored personally for your own treatment. The best part of his treatment is that it delivers results; I just had a follow up session and the compressed nerve in my neck has essentially returned to normal thanks to his treatment plan. I would highly recommend Dr. Chris Sovey and will definitely see him again.”
Al S.
“I have seen Chris since late February, only had four appointments. I saw him because I needed exercises to strengthen my leg muscles and improve my balance. I know that I have improved in both of these areas with the exercises that I was given to do. He demonstrated the exercises for me and had me do them in class. His printed exercise sheet was described well and I also had videos of some of the exercises. I feel my time and money were well spent and I am happy with the results. I would certainly refer others to him if the occasion arises.”
Linda L.
“Three years of working with Chris Sovey for physical therapy and movement training have improved my strength, balance, flexibility and have improved my movement and function as well as giving me a much better understanding of these qualities. Chris’s extensive knowledge of the body’s functions, his motivation and gentle sense of humor as well as great compassion at difficult points have been beneficial in my improvement with a variety of movement issues including multiple back surgeries and other issues. Chris is professional, realistic and extremely supportive in guiding me toward my optimum health goals. I feel improvement in outlook and body after every session. I highly recommend his abilities and care to every motivated person seeking better function and health!”
Kailaa M.
“This summer I had the opportunity to intern with Dr Chris Sovey at Healthy Consumer Physical Therapy and the experience was amazing. Chris is very passionate about what he does and it shows in how he cares for his patients. He prides himself on providing an exceptional personal experience for every patient and prioritizes what it is they want to gain from their time with him. I was able to witness the transformations of numerous patients through Chris’s thorough evaluations and assessments. In addition to being a great PT, he is also a great teacher. He ensures that we as interns leave everyday having learned something we did not know before. I am grateful for the learning experience and to have had the opportunity to witness just how great of PT Chris is.”
Janet O.
“I have worked with Chris on and off for almost 3 years through the deterioration of 2 hips, hip surgeries and recovery. I very much appreciated his personalized approach. This isn’t cookie cutter therapy like some big PT companies. He has helped me a great deal during therapy and has also given me excellent advice on how to keep things moving in a positive direction on my own. he does a fantastic job!”
Jim S.
“I have made significant progress since seeing Chris. I appreciate his confidence, demeanor, and knowledge. It never seems rushed during our sessions. He carefully shows me specific exercises that allow me to continue to make improvement on my own. He is a wonderful physical therapist.”
Sandy D.
“I have been seeing Chris Sovey since he opened his practice in Lansing and have found him to be an extremely knowledgeable physical therapist. He constantly assesses my progress and new problems at each visit. Through the time I’ve been seeing him, he has increased my understanding of my problems and how to deal with them daily. Chris has a wealth of stretches, exercises, and therapies – if one doesn’t work, he knows other techniques to try. He is energetic, enthusiastic, and motivated to help me achieve healing and maintain it. He directs me how to handle flares by scaling back exercises to decrease pain and inflammation, and then resume the exercises when my body has recovered. He has helped me progress from constant back stiffness, severe pain, and limited motion to limited stiffness, manageable pain, and improved motion. I am very grateful for having found him to help improve my quality of life through high quality physical therapy.”
Mikayla N.
“I injured my shoulder over a year ago and have been dealing with chronic pain ever since. Pain medicine didn’t make it go away, so I finally sought the help of a Physical Therapist. Dr. Sovey has been absolutely wonderful in helping me get back to a place of no pain. I was drawn to Healthy Consumer because the reviews were all five stars and I liked the idea of having one-one-one time with a PT, unlike the majority of places that I looked at. But after just two sessions in the clinic, Michigan went into lockdown because of the COVID-19 outbreak. Dr. Sovey offered to start virtual sessions, and I agreed even though I was a little bit skeptical about how well it would go. I needn’t have worried, as my sessions are still very focused and thorough, and I get to do them from the comfort of my own home. I really appreciate all that Dr. Sovey has done for me since I started. It is clear to me that he really cares about all of his patients and does everything he can to accommodate even in the toughest of situations. I’m happy to have the tools to continue improving my shoulder pain and I will definitely be recommending Dr. Sovey to anyone who is looking for PT in the area!”
Celeste S.
“When I first started seeing Chris, 98% of my time I spent worrying about my knee because I hurt so much. My orthopedic surgeon couldn’t believe that I could even walk at all. Now, a year later, 98% of my time, I never even think about my knee. For the most part, I am pain free. I am so grateful for all his knowledge, time, and energy he spent rehabbing my knee. He gave me my quality of life back.”
Terry M.
“Chris is very knowledgeable about how the body works and functions. He has helped me realize my weaknesses and has helped me work with those weaknesses improving my gait and lessening my pain. He has given me the exercises to gain strength and prevent further decline in my mobility.”
Wanda D.
“Chris has done a great job helping me with shoulder, back, and hip problems. I’ve referred him to friends who didn’t have great PT experiences and they were super pleased. Why? Chris balances his therapy. He uses a combination of exercise, inflammation reduction, and joint manipulation to achieve increased mobility, strength, and pain reduction. He has many different ways to achieve a successful outcome. Go see Chris at Healthy Consumer Physical Therapy!”
Loretta C.
“Chris worked with me on my lower back pain, and over the course of 10 physical therapy appointments it went from a high of 7 on a 1-10 scale to a 0. Chris is creative in his approach to therapy but firmly grounded in science. He’s patient and respectful with his clients and has a good sense of humor. If I ever need PT again, he’ll be my first choice.”
Hanna P.

I am so glad I found Chris Sovey at Healthy Consumer Physical Therapy (HCPT). I have worked with Chris for almost a year. My experience with HCPT has been far better than physical therapy experiences I have had previously.

I have an inherited connective tissue disorder that makes my joints loose (ehlers danlos syndrome). Previous physical therapists checked the boxes on the insurance paperwork for a bad knee, a bad shoulder, etc. Chris looks at the whole picture and has helped me greatly improve my overall joint stability and pain. When problems come up in different joints, he is flexible with adapting my plan of care to meet my new needs. He is proficient in so many different techniques for gentle joint manipulation and strengthening. Chris records videos on my phone so that I can remember how to do exercises at home. He updates a spreadsheet with my exercise routine, so that I can refer to the progression of exercises.

He is prompt with paperwork needed for my insurance and other doctors. If you want a thorough, professional, and considerate physical therapist I highly recommend Chris Sovey at Healthy Consumer Physical Therapy.

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