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How One Woman Found The Perfect Knee Pain Treatment In Lansing

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This knee pain treatment helps people like Keela remain active:

KEELA: “Hi, I’m Keela. I’m from Dewitt, Michigan originally, but I currently am in Mount Pleasant, Michigan.. and I love to be outdoors and be active. Anything that involves activity: running, cycling, kayaking, fishing, just… I want to be outdoors and be active.” 

Keela got her quality of life back and is back to being active again.

KEELA: “What I’ve got coming out of coming to HCPT is really… I’ve got a better quality of life. It happened over a short period of time with the mobility exercises that I was given from Chris… And the homework assignments he’d given me has given me more mobility to maintain my active life.” 

Keela was so pleased with her results, she felt compelled to share her story:

KEELA: “I wanted to share my experience about HCPT to let others know that there’s always another option, you don’t have to settle for sitting in a chair, there are wonderful options out there… And coming to HCPT has given me those options for increased mobility and a decrease in pain.” 

But, as Keela shares: not everyone is ready to get help right away: 

KEELA: “So I didn’t initially seek out help for my knee pain. Because I thought it was a time issue. [I thought it would get better on its own.] I didn’t prioritize until it became an issue where I was more immobile… And it really started out with hip pain… And I’ve seen some work and heard through some mutual people, the work that Chris has done, and I’m like, boy… he could help me with my hip, and he can really help me with my knee pain.”

After a while, the pain got bad enough, she was becoming less active and knew it was time to do something different.

KEELA: “I knew it was time to do something different when pain is a very big motivator, and I was having daily pain. And that was the key that motivated me to do something different. It was my choice. And I made a wise choice. 

She also wanted people in Lansing to know this critical first step to her recovery:

KEELA: “If other people are thinking about seeking help here, I would tell them: Don’t wait. It’s time to start. It’s right now. It’s Today. Figure out how to make it work in your schedule, you are worth that commitment, you will be definitely better from the outcomes of the program.” 

Keela explained her personal experience and what she got out of coming to HCPT: 

KEELA: “So by coming to HCPT, it’s a one-on- one approach with Chris. So, if you’ve had some disappointing results from previous places, or you’re nervous to come here, just know Chris is very, very personable. He takes everything very serious and he works with you on a one-on-one basis. So he knows he gets to know you and therefore he’s better able to help you.” 

Keela feels she would be in a very different place if she hadn’t started knee pain treatment with Healthy Consumer Physical Therapy:

KEELA: “If I never got any help from HCPT, I know that I would continue to spiral downward… Maybe not care as much about having a healthy lifestyle or just being able to say “okay, I’m going to settle, this is the way it has to be, so I’m not going to be active. I’m not going to go for those walks. I’m not going to get on my bike this is the way it is because I’m older…” And I realized I don’t have to accept that. And Chris was a tool that helped me get to that point where …you don’t have to accept being sedentary.”

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Dr. Chris Sovey

Healthy Consumer PT

"We Help Adults 40+ Living With Pain, Stiffness, Or Loose Joints Get Healthy, Age Stronger, And Get Back To The Activities They Love, Even If Past Treatments Have Failed"


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