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“How do I find the best physical therapy near me when an old injury won’t go away?”

Best Physical Therapy Near Me
It started as a popping knee, stiff joints, or perhaps you felt a familiar tweak in your lower back with a simple movement. Sometimes you “just wake up and it’s stiff.” Is it old age? Maybe. Though the chances are, if you’ve ever injured yourself as an active youngster- as most people have- you’re likely to experience the painful and lingering consequences of an injury that is haunting you. It might leave you wondering, is there any hope for this to ever get better even when past treatments have failed? The answer is a resounding “Yes!” But first you’ll need some help getting there (especially if it’s hung around this long), by answering the question: “Where can I find the best physical therapy near me to help me finally get back to the things I love?”

"How can I find the best physical therapy near me so I can still stay active well into my 50s, 60s, and beyond?"

As more of us live far longer than in the past, the desire to stay physically active throughout life is natural. It’s not uncommon to run marathons, go on expeditions, or play sports at a competitive level into our 70’s! However, we all know that the sprains and strains, healed broken bones, stress fractures, dislocations, meniscus tears, and other injuries may still be troublesome decades later. They seemingly come and go, sometimes “out of nowhere.”

The reality is, the injuries never really went away, but if you keep ignoring them, they can keep making it difficult to do the things you love. There is another solution: find the answer to the question, “How do I find the best physical therapy near me?” This is largely a personal choice, but comes down to some key points: Will you get the attention you need, does the therapist treat you as an individual or just another “Knee pain / back pain” cookie cutter case? Do they understand your individual injury? Here are some other questions to ask when trying to decide who’s the right fit for the question, “how do I find the best physical therapy near me?” But keep reading on, we have more helpful perspectives to get you on track!

Banded squats knee pain

Staying active through every life cycle means special attention should be paid to nagging injuries- even if the initial injury happened decades ago.

Science indicates that after the age of 40, the body’s repair mechanisms become less efficient. The body’s healing ability is reduced, and recovery usually isn’t what it used to be. Our Physical Therapists can help. Here are several ways that we will work with you to stay healthy well into your 60’s, 70’s, and beyond:

Does This Sound Like You? Have you put off finding the answer to getting treatment from “the best physical therapy near me?”

If you’ve weathered a long-standing injury or are suffering from a fresh trauma, it can be very tempting to put off dealing with the pain and carry on as best you can. If that’s happening to you, don’t feel defeated- those old, pokey injuries can be very confusing- you’re not alone. Our Physical Therapists see people going through this all the time. In fact, we see people living with an injury from sports and exercise in our physical therapy practice every day. It’s what we do!

If our expert physical therapists can improve your pain level and increase your time spent doing what you love even just 30% – and often we are able to resolve and strengthen the area of the injury much more than that- then isn’t it worth it to reach out?

Chris S

Dr. Chris Sovey

Healthy Consumer PT

"We Help Adults 40+ Living With Pain, Stiffness, Or Loose Joints Get Healthy, Age Stronger, And Get Back To The Activities They Love, Even If Past Treatments Have Failed"


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