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How Do I Find The Best Physical Therapy Near Me For My Needs?

Best Physical Therapy Near ME

All Physical Therapy is not created equal. With so many choices available out there, many people suffering from pain are often left wondering: “How do I find the best physical therapy near me?” 

We recommend doing some homework so you will be happy with your results from Physical Therapy. Start by asking some of the questions below to make sure a Physical Therapy clinic will help you get the results you’re looking for.

Here are some of the things to consider when answering the question: “How do I find the best physical therapy near me?” 


“What Kind Of Qualities Should I Look For In A Clinic To Find The Best Physical Therapy Near Me?”

First, does the Physical Therapy clinic value quality over quantity?

Some Physical Therapy clinics are hoping to grow as rapidly as possible by stuffing as many patients into a large building as they can. These Physical Therapy Clinics are usually assigning 3-4 patients to a single therapist at once. What does this mean for you? Patients end up receiving far less individualized attention. Even more common now: Patients may only see the same therapist once or twice throughout their entire time in therapy.

You might think, “this can’t be that common, is it?” It happens more frequently than you might think. Especially with the corporate Physical Therapy clinics. It’s quickly becoming the norm.  

Why do many Physical Therapy clinics operate like this, you might wonder? These types of Physical Therapy clinics keep large overhead and expenses. This means they must split the time of their therapists between several patients at once. Is it ideal for the patient or therapist? No. Does it still happen? Yes, all the time. I used to work for one.

“How can I possibly be getting the best Physical Therapy near me if I never see the same therapist or my therapist sees 3-4 other patients at once?”

In our opinion, you can’t. The attention of your Physical Therapist (PT) will be split among other patients, so they may miss critical cues in your form while exercising. You may also not get the same level of hands-on care that many patients look for in a therapist.

We refer to these clinics as “patient mills.” This is because they are treating their rehabilitation clinics as factories. They are often congested, have short appointments, and (in our opinion) treat each patient as a body part, such as: “a hip pain patient” or “a back pain patient.” They often print out generalized exercise sheets for all patients with the same condition. They don’t have time to look at the unique subtleties of each person in front of them.

Many of these “patient mills” often utilize assistants and aides who have far less training than a Doctor of Physical Therapy. While there is nothing wrong with clinics using assistants or aides, it often means that patients end up spending more time in Physical Therapy because patients are not always with an expert for their entire appointment. 

Another thing to consider: Do the Physical Therapists at the clinic deeply understand your condition?

Even though most Physical Therapists are able to treat back pain, hip pain, neck pain, etc., they may not frequently treat your specific diagnosis. Here’s a tip: See if you can get the therapist on the phone for a 15-minute phone consultation. Do they listen to you intently? Do they understand how your pain or dysfunction impacts your ability to live an active lifestyle or be a parent, grandparent, good employee, boss, etc.?

If the therapist is unwilling to spend 15 minutes on the phone with you before coming in, you might want to keep looking. In our opinion, it’s a red flag. 

Also ask: Does the therapist commonly treat your diagnosis? Some PTs may specialize in a specific area, such as: Pediatric Physical Therapy, Sports Rehabilitation, Geriatric Rehabilitation, etc. Ask the therapist how often they treat your specific complaint.

Will the therapist treat you as a whole person, or simply as another “back pain patient” / “shoulder pain patient?” Most patients we’ve treated want to be seen as a whole person. “Patient mill” clinics typically have no time to understand the deeper context of how their patients’ pain impacts them on an emotional level.  

Why Some Patients Fail To Find The Best Physical Therapy Near Them

  • The patient doesn’t ask the right questions of a PT clinic (see above)
  • Patients blindly trust that all PTs are the same (hint: they’re not!)
  • They find a skilled PT, but that PT doesn’t treat much of their specific complaint.

“How can I avoid patient mills and instead find the Best Physical Therapy Near Me?”

We recommend supporting local businesses that value 1-on-1 care and those that make sure you get to stay with the same 1-2 therapists for the entirety of your rehabilitation. After treating thousands of patients, we’ve found that patients at those types of clinics tend to recover more quickly and thoroughly when working 1-on-1 with a limited number of (and appropriately skilled) Physical Therapists. 

Our Treatment Philosophy

Is this blog post one long advertisement for our clinic? Absolutely not. Are we the right fit for every patient needing Physical Therapy? Definitely not. In fact, we often know within 3-5 minutes on the phone if we’ll be able to help someone or not. If we’re not the right fit for your needs, we’ll direct you to someone who is.

Everyone who walks through our doors (or reaches out to us) at Healthy Consumer Physical Therapy is treated as an individual. We know each person is unique. Whether you are: a parent, grandparent, athlete, world traveler, or just someone looking to be more active with less pain, we make certain that you are heard and understood from the moment we begin a conversation.

So if this article resonates with you, and you are living with pain or stiffness, click one of the buttons below and we’ll help you get healthy, age stronger, and back to the activities you love (without painkillers, injections, or surgery).

Chris S

Dr. Chris Sovey

Healthy Consumer PT

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