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3 Relieving Positions For Low Back Pain

3 Relieving Positions For Low Back Pain Revised

Stop Low Back Pain With 3 Passive Positions

Is your low back pain acting up again? Have you been sitting for a long time at the computer? If you’re having a recent onset of low back pain, we recommend reading this article and trying the exercises in the video above.

Medical disclaimer: If you are having severe low back pain, or symptoms going down your leg, see your healthcare provider before doing anything else. These positions should not in any way increase your symptoms. If they do, discontinue immediately, and see your Physical Therapist or physician.

Low back pain is incredibly common, and often Physical Therapy or low back strengthening exercises can help. However, if this came on recently, and it’s not too severe, you might be able to do enough on your own.

Start with position 1
Start with position 1, at the edge of a couch or recliner

Try these positions below (see video above for additional guidance.)

Position #1 For Low Back Pain: On Your Back With Knees On Edge Of Sofa Or Recliner

  1. Carefully lower yourself to the floor and onto your back, with your legs up on the edge of your sofa or chair. Use your furniture to assist you to the floor, if necessary.
  2. Tip: If your low back pain is significant, come to your hands and knees, with your abdominal muscles drawn in slightly.
  3. Lie on your back with your feet on the edge of the couch. In this position, breathe into your belly, sides and back. Imagine yourself like a cylinder expanding in all directions. You may feel a slight ache in your low back, or a stretching sensation. This is normal. If your low back pain increases much beyond this, discontinue.
  4. Continue breathing as if you are expanding like a cylinder for 5-10 breath cycles. Now, stay in this position, breathing normally, for 5 additional minutes, breathing normally.
  5. If your back is still bothering you after this, continue on to position #2.
Position 2 with low back pain
Position 2 for low back pain.

Position #2 For Low Back Pain: On Your Belly With A Pillow Underneath (Crocodile Breathing)

  1. From the 1st position, draw your abs in slightly, to turn to your side, then onto your belly. Avoid straining or holding your breath. Both of these may increase your low back pain.
  2. Place a pillow underneath your stomach (see picture or video), and your hands on your forehead. Alternatively, you could also place your forehead on a towel roll. Breathe deeply like you did in position #1. Imagine yourself expanding like a cylinder, then relaxing.
  3. Continue to breathe for 10 breath cycles.
  4. If you are feeling better bot your low back pain has not fully resolved, continue to position #3.
Position 3

Position #3 For Low Back Pain: Breathing Over An Exercise Ball

  1. From the second position, draw your abs in slightly, and rock back to hands and knees.
  2. Roll an exercise ball up to your front side.
  3. Melt over the ball, with your chest over the top edge of the ball.
  4. Your arms will rest over the ball, and your knees and feet should comfortably be on the ground.
  5. Repeat the previous breathing pattern for 10 breath cycles.

My Low Back Still Hurts! What Should I Do Next?

If you are still not feeling notable pain after these positions, you will need professional help. Our Physical Therapists specialize in identifying the cause of your low back pain, and getting you back to the things you love as quickly as possible. We do this all without the need for expensive and invasive procedures or drugs.

Get back to what you love sooner! Book a free 15-minute phone consult to see how we can help you resolve your low back pain, and get back to the things you love doing most: being active and happy!

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