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Welcome to Healthy Consumer Physical Therapy in Lansing, MI

We empower people with chronic pain, hypermobility, or Ehlers-Danlos syndrome to reclaim stability in life and joy in movement

Personalized Physical Therapy from hypermobility experts

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Freedom From Pain and Uncertainty

Are chronic pains or loose joints making it tough to get through the day at work or enjoy your time with family and friends? Are you worried about whether the pain will keep getting worse or when your joints will pop out next? You don’t have to let your chronic pain, EDS, or hypermobility put you in a box and limit what you can do. At Healthy Consumer PT, we’re dedicated to helping people like you eliminate their pain, stabilize their joints, and strengthen their bodies so they can experience freedom and joy with the people and activities they love.

Don’t let pain steal your energy, freedom, and joy. Find relief today so you can take back your active, healthy life.

Wondering If Physical Therapy is Right for You?

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At Healthy Consumer Physical Therapy in Lansing, MI we specialize in helping people like…

Adults with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

Who want to stop pain from slowly taking over their lives and get back to living their normal lives.
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Adults with Hypermobility

Who need help managing loose joints so they can avoid pain and degeneration while staying active
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Adults With Chronic Pain

Who are experiencing long-lasting pain and want to AVOID the use of drugs, injections or surgery.
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Post-Surgery Adults

Who want the best outcome possible from their back, hip, knee, or shoulder surgery so they can get back to doing the activities that they love.
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Active Adults

Who just need a little help (or a lot of help!) returning to physical activity after an injury or set-back.
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Busy Grandparents

Who want to keep walking with friends, playing golf, or getting on the floor with grandchildren without relying on painkillers and surgeries.
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Energetic Retirees

Who want to make full use of their free time by continuing to travel and experience new adventures.
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What's The Problem?


Back Pain

Identify and address the root cause of your back pain with our tailored treatments, focused on promoting flexibility and enhancing spinal health for improved mobility.


Hip Pain & Labral Tears

Let us solve the problem of hip and labral tears through specialized rehabilitation, tailored exercises, and personalized care plans, bringing relief and restoring hip function.


Knee Pain

Discover effective solutions to your knee pain problem through management strategies, including targeted exercises and interventions to reduce pain and optimize knee functionality.



Address the problem of osteoarthritis with our holistic approaches, emphasizing pain management, joint preservation, and improved joint function to enhance your overall quality of life.

The Healthy Consumer PT 3-Step Method

Savoy 3Step


Putting Out The Fire

We’ll take you through a complete one-on-one evaluation to identify the cause of your problem. Then we’ll work to relieve your immediate pain and dysfunction so you can stop worrying and begin healing.


Address The Root Cause

We’ll develop a treatment plan tailored specifically to you and your goals. This will allow us to get you stronger, healthier, and pain-free faster, so you can start enjoying what you love again.


Thrive Instead Of Survive

Once your body is moving with greater ease and less discomfort, we’ll finetune your recovery experience so you can focus solely on the things that matter most in your life instead of pain or stiffness.

Get to Know Dr. Chris Sovey

Dr. Chris Sovey, originally from Charlotte, Michigan, initially began his studies to receive a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from Michigan State University. After passing his nursing boards, he realized he wanted to develop longer-term relationships with clients and watch them grow and heal over a period of time. He then pursued his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Andrews University, and began his career in physical therapy.

Dr. Chris Sovey

Owner | PT, DPT, RN, BSN

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