Healthy Consumer Physical Therapy

“We help adults with ongoing, unresolved pain live active lifestyles and reduce the need for invasive surgeries, procedures, or medications.”


Initial Phone Discovery Session (15-30 minutes): A casual chat at no cost to you about your needs, goals, and reasons for seeking out therapy: No commitment required. Click here to reserve your time.

Private Pilates Training Or Movement Training (Typically 50 minutes): A unique blend of movement re-education and postural improvement.

Our time together will typically involve: core strengthening and identifying weaknesses in your individual movement patterns and/or flexibility.

This is also perfect for those who have completed Physical Therapy and are looking to continue to improve their ability to move well while reinforcing improved new habits. Click here to reserve your time(s).

Initial Examination For Physical Therapy (Typically 1-1.5 hrs): In this time together, we will have a thorough discussion about your needs and desires for seeking out therapy. We will then assess and formulate a plan together to get you to where you want to be. Click here to reserve your time(s).

Please see below for a thorough description of what to expect in this first session.

Follow Up Sessions of “Hands-on,” 1-on-1 Physical Therapy: (Typically about 50 minutes) Provided by a Doctor of Physical Therapy, these personalized sessions will serve to build upon our initial evaluation, reassess your status, and progress you towards your goals set in the initial evaluation. Click here to reserve your time.

Online, anonymous weekly support and online courses for Anxiety / Depression:

Pain is complicated and an individual process. If you are suffering from Anxiety and / or Depression, we can help. See our sister website for more information.

*Please note, we are not working “by the hour” or “by the minute.” Some appointments may be slightly shorter or longer. We judge this based on the response of each individual client to the work we do together that day.

What To Expect Your First Session

Because we are an integrative clinic and interested in your thorough recovery, much of the work starts before you even set foot in the clinic.

We are a paperless clinic.

All paperwork is completed through a user-friendly, online portal before your first appointment.

Links for your paperwork will be sent directly to your preferred method of contact.

When you arrive at our clinic, you will be personally greeted by your therapist.

Because you took an active role in your care by filling out paperwork ahead of your first visit, we will be able to get more out of this appointment.

The therapist will have already reviewed your paperwork before your appointment, which will help them dial in on their questions and areas of focus, particular to your case.

We recommend coming to each session in clothing that is easy to move in.

Optimal choices would be Shorts and and short sleeves for the fellas, and shorts / a tank top for the ladies. Dressing in layers is the best choice, since this is Michigan, after all.

Your appointment will start with a thorough review of your medical history.

We will then discuss a little more about your reason for visiting and what you are hoping to be able to do with less pain or greater ease.

We will then complete a thorough head-to-toe movement evaluation, posture analysis, and a gait and balance screen.

We will also assess any lifestyle factors that may be related to your pain. These may include anxiety, depression, sleep hygiene, and nutrition.

And most importantly, we will have fun doing it!

By the end of your first appointment, you will leave the clinic with a solid idea of the underlying contributors to pain, a proposed schedule of treatment, and a timeframe of how long it will take. Any educational materials will be delivered to your preferred method of contact.

We strive to keep visits as infrequent and few as possible to achieve your desired results.

So how does this sound to you?

If this is the kind of care you are looking for, we recommend booking your 15-30 minute complimentary phone discovery session with us. Click the booking tab above…. And we look forward to helping you become a Healthy Consumer.