That’s a great question. In the end, only you can truly answer whether or not we are a good fit for each other. In order to assist you with this, we recommend watching several of our 120+ YouTube videos to get an initial “feel” to see if our philosophies for your healing overlap. If so, the next logical step is to book a free phone discovery session to further discuss your needs and goals for therapy.

Instead of the cookie-cutter, “here’s your exercises, good luck” approach, we deeply invest in our clients. We use a “hands-on” proactive approach in their recovery. Together, we dive deep into all the different reasons why they are experiencing ongoing pain, including: a comprehensive orthopedic examination, nutrition, and a look into the underlying psychological contributors (Anxiety, Depression) to pain.

I recommend checking out our “What We Do” page for more details.

My goal as a holistic provider is to gain a deep understanding of your needs within the first (few) visit(s). This will likely mean our time together will be unlike any other rehabilitation that you have experienced in the past. My goal is to develop an ongoing relationship with you and figure out exactly why you are looking for help. This will go well beyond, “because my shoulder hurts,” or “because doc told me to come to therapy.”

I want to know what really motivates you to get better, whether that is returning to running a 5k, playing with your kids, or being able to stand for 30 minutes to make a meal with your spouse.

Because all documentation is completed online, I should have a pretty good picture of your current status before you walk in the door. This is why I encourage you to upload all x-rays, MRIs, and other relevant documents at least 2 days prior to your appointment.

I will ask you a great deal of questions. Please make sure you have completed your paperwork online at least 2 days prior to your appointment. I often spend a great deal of time reviewing and researching every case before they even walk in the door.

This will further improve your outcomes. Leave no stone unturned. Don’t judge whether or not you think it is relevant. That car accident you had 25 years ago? Relevant. That time you fell on your tush as a child? Relevant. It’s better for me to have excess information than not enough.

Your first appointment will last anywhere from 1-1.5 hours. Please do not schedule anything immediately after your appointment. We may go over. Rushing out the door will make it difficult for me to formulate a thorough plan for you. However, I will try to be as accommodating as possible when necessary.

My first appointment will last at least 1 hour, up to 1.5 hours. After our initial discussion, we will work through a complete review of your medical history and previous or current therapies.

I will then typically perform a movement and mechanical assessment of your unique case. We will then formulate a plan together to fit your unique needs and goals.

Subsequent appointments last about 50 minutes. I leave 5 minutes to document and 5 minutes to answer any questions or help you with scheduling if needed. Please note, I am not working “by the hour” or “by the minute.”

Some appointments may be shorter or longer. I judge this based on the response of each individual client to the work we do together that day.

I try to be as prompt as possible. Given the nature and complexity of the population I treat, I ask for your patience and understanding that I may run slightly behind at times.

Please come to the appointment dressed in layers. I do a great deal of hands-on work and a thorough, full-body assessment. For ladies, I recommend a sports bra and shorts. For the gentlemen, please come in exercise shorts. Your privacy and comfort are of utmost importance to me.

More details about our services can be found on the “What We Do” page.

Typically, Physical Therapy is reserved for when you have a “functional loss.” In other words, pain or discomfort is stopping you from doing the things you love. Movement Re-education appointments typically are for those who have completed Physical Therapy and are continuing to look to reinforce their new habits and patterns of movement. If you are still uncertain, I recommend booking your free 15-minute phone discovery session.

The short answer is yes. The long answer is, it’s complicated. Michigan now has limited direct access to Physical Therapists. Physical Therapists can see you for 10 visits or 21 days, whichever comes first. We can help you get a script from your doctor.


Policies will be added soon. Please check back.